OK, “surreal” seems to be the word for the moment, and one I use frequently right now to describe our “new world”!

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So where are we?

This week we see both motorcycle and car showrooms opening their doors… last……. Yes, each showroom/dealer  are imposing their own caveats regarding sanitisation and social distancing but……….it’s a very welcome start! Many businesses are no longer, and many are questioning future viability, so there is some serious pain out there.

If I’m honest, the bombardment of figures, various “expert” views, and some questionable scientific findings etc all seem to contradict to suit. Our “neutral” press seem happiest when delivering negative, unbalanced news which helps no one! YES, a surreal world, but I for one have learnt so much about society. Rugby scrums for loo rolls…….what was that all about? Old fashioned common-sense seems to have disappeared too. Or could it be that we are not allowed to have “free thought”, use common-sense and take personal responsibility?  Me thinking too deeply no doubt……

Anyway, finally we are starting to see gleaming, highly polished bikes and a few classic cars on the road. Great to drool over once again….Do remember Bike-Seal & Auto-Seal are still here offering you genuine products for your puncture prevention and the “ultimate” puncture repair system. We are here to help.

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Stay safe and enjoy the road.

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