I have read differing reports of the percentage of pressure loss before we start to lose the ability to control our motorcycles. Generally, it is accepted that a loss of 20-25% (7-10% psi) would significantly impair our ability to safely control our machine. Some track/road race/competition motorcycle riders have said that they will notice a 5% loss of pressure!

When a puncture occurs whilst riding, we generally get the “tell-tale” feeling through the saddle. A catastrophic loss of pressure leaves little room for manoeuvre. Even with a less severe puncture, the speed at which gas is lost, and the distance covered with a decreasing level of control (ability to accelerate, brake, steer, balance), can be very sobering. Couple this with other road users, conditions, and fixed hazards, and the severity of our situation and vulnerability starts to unfold.

Tyre Sealant



Assuming all has gone well, we are still faced with the prospect of finding a safe place for both ourselves and other road users, to address our punctured tyre.


We believe that Bike-Seal is the most effective, safety enhancing single accessory we can add to our bikes. Bike-Seal is an ‘active’, not a passive system, that pre-installed as designed will plug the puncture up to 15mm diameter, within 2-3 wheel revolutions of the puncture occurring. The possibility of you getting round that bend and home is therefore greatly increased. You will not be sat in the hedge with a warning light telling you why!


There are limits. Bike-Seal has been tested and proven to plug up to 15mm diameter punctures. No other product comes remotely close. Even if the damage sustained to our tyre is greater, Bike-Seal will still greatly reduce the loss of air and slow this down, therefore giving you, the rider, control for longer; enabling you to address the situation in a safe place.


Bike-Seal provides a ‘Win, Win’ in terms of the potential safety it offers, without the issues of product disintegration, balancing/impaired performance and irreparable corrosion.