Bike-Seal 550ML Bottle – Puncture Prevention

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Bike-Seal 550ML Bottle – Puncture Prevention


A  unique premier tyre sealant  / puncture prevention system.


A unique premier tyre sealant/ puncture prevention system.

Can sealup to 15mm punctures dependent on extent of damage, nature of damage and location. Easy self application.Complete with telescopic delivery cap (extension if required) and valve core removal key.Guide usage: 1x550ml bottle protects 1 large motorbike (2 tyres).

Product can be stored even when opened–no shelf life, so can be used at later date.(Tyre requires inflation after installation to manufacturer’s guide).Some right angle valves have restricted bore access making product insertion slow with a risk of blockages. Slow, gentle insertion is therefore required. However to easily overcome this issue we recommend buying the 550 ml with our syringe applicator.


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