BIKE-SEAL 250ML Bottle – Puncture Prevention

BIKE-SEAL 250ML Bottle – Puncture Prevention


Our unique premier tyre sealant/puncture prevention system is now available in this 250 ML bottle, extending the range and options for self installation.

Seals up to 15 mm diameter punctures.

Easy self application with full label instructions. Complete with telescopic delivery cap, and valve core removal key.


Designed for Push Bikes, Mountain Bikes and small scooters.
Also single application for tyres on other vehicles requiring up to 250 ML.
Guide usage: 1 x 250 ml bottle will normally protect up to 2 push bikes, 1 mountain bike or small scooter.



This 250ML bottle provides for bicycles (multi use of up tp 2 pushbikes/road bikes, dependent on the tyre sizes).

Also use for installation for small scooters/mopeds and one tyre/top-up with motorbikes.

Easy self applicationwith full label instructions. Complete with telescopic delivery cap, (extension if required) and valce core removal key.

Suitable for:

Suitable for Schrader and two part Presta valves with removable internal core/piston.
Suitable for tubes and tubeless.
The valve core removal key supplied is for Schrader valves.
New style Presta valves require unscrewing and removing the internal piston prior to insertion.
Unsuitable for old style, fixed Presta valves, where it is not possible to remove the internal piston.
Product can be stored even when opened-no shelf life, so can be used at later date.

(Tyre requires inflation after installation to manufacturer’s guide)