A Puncture Prevention System

puncture repair for tyres tubesPuncture Prevention Sealant Gel

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"Protecting your Tyres....."

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Bike-Seal Puncture Protection


Protects ALL Tyre Brands


Motorbikes, Cars, Vans, Caravans, Trailers, 4x4's, Vintage Vehicles


Seals punctures up to 15mm



No distance or speed restrictions

Mechanical process NOT a chemical reaction

Protecting your Tyres!
Welcome to BIKE-SEAL
Puncture Prevention Sealant Gel
bicycle tyre puncture protection sealant
Cycle Tyre Protection - No More Punctures
Puncture Prevention Sealant Gel

Welcome to Bike-Seal

“The Puncture Prevention Tyre Sealant for Motorbikes, Scooters and Bicycles”

Puncture Tyre Sealant

This sealant is a unique puncture prevention system, unlike any other tyre sealant on the market. Its unrivalled technology is superior, providing a permanent prevention solution as part of safe tyre management for your motorbikes.

puncture repair kit

The Market Leader – One Product Protects All – No Confusing Ineffective Grades

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Bike Tyres Puncture Sealant
Bike Tyres Puncture Repairs
Bike Tyre Puncture Repairs with Bike Seal


  • Most products have evolved from bicycle or off road use, whereby testing is not
  • Independent testing is NOT testing by the manufacturer or brand supplier to their own bias parameters at a third party establishment! Independent testing is undertaken to the performance parameters of a third party such as a major customer.
  • Products stating unsuitable for certain tyre ratings or tubes, are not designed for use within a tyre.
  • Different grades should not be required for on road/off road use, or have speed and distance restrictions. This is very misleading and does not apply to a genuine prevention system, purposely designed.
  • All chemicals have a shelf life – they separate, break down and harden, creating inevitable performance and wheel balance issues, which due to the temporary nature of chemical properties should not remain in any tyre indefinitely.
  • Chemicals within tyres start corroding tyres, wheels and alloys. (Check the bottle of any product you have stored for separation or solidification, including metal caps for corrosion).
  • Chemical seals are “glue like” – the hardened seal cannot flex with tyre rubber and movement, so breaks down and fails.
  • Most products claim a water base – this does not alter the chemical properties and their reaction.
  • If a product states it is safe to use with some metal rims but not others? Why? Then it is corrosive.
  • Why does a product require top up after initial installation? How do you know how much to top up? Most chemicals are absorbed within a tyre so are not designed to give puncture prevention. They cannot –  the product is absorbed limiting sufficient quantity for protection but instead  initiating tyre rubber corrosion.
  • Natural rubber latex cures in air (air within a tyre), therefore it has a natural shelf life before it hardens and is difficult to remove. To counteract this, some latex products are stabilised with corrosive ammonia!
  • 100% puncture free guaranteed? How? Product capability, extent and type of damage and location will dictate. Again very misleading!
  • The principle of puncture prevention is a simple one, air loss and plugging from within- most diagrammatic pictures are very similar. Why do you not physically see actual images of the tyre after plugging?

See our images, inside and out – we want to honestly inform and show you!

Maximise Your Tyre Life & Improve Your Safety



  • Protects tyres from 95% of tread area punctures and protects for legal life of tyre.
  • Can seal punctures up to
  • Stops most rim and bead leaks and slow punctures.
  • Greatly reduces possibility of catastrophic failure.
  • Increases commercial profitability by up to 20% and reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Reduces downtime, inconvenience and associated expense.
  • Non-Corrosive, eco-friendly and water based.
  • Mechanical not chemical process (No shelf life).
  • Dynamic fibrous plugs that flex with the tyre, formed from aramid fibres and rubber filler particles.
  • -35 c freezing point.
  • On road/off road.
  • No speed or distance restrictions.
  • Tubed/tubeless and run flats.
  • Easy self–installation through compact retail bottles or professional installation via 20L pails.
  • TPMS compatible with most systems.

For motorcycles, scooters and bicycles

For cars, vans, trailers and all vehicles 4 wheel see our AUTO-SEAL range www.autoseal.co.uk  

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Real Video demonstrations of the tyre puncture prevention system

Video Demonstrations

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NASA, UK Military, NATO, MIRA and The Emergency Services

NASA & Military

This product was first formulated in the early 60’s for NASA, to protect their spacesuits.

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Exclusive, self-vulcanising puncture repair kits. Genuine Safety Seal components.

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The Puncture Prevention Tyre Sealant for Motorbikes, Scooters and Bicycles.