Product Description


EXCLUSIVE Compact Bike-Seal /Auto-Seal Puncture Repair Kit for emergency, tubeless puncture repairs for motorbikes, cars, vans, 4 x4s, off road vehicles etc.

This new, lightweight and highly portable, space saving puncture repair travel kit will fit neatly under a motorbike seat or in the glove box of your vehicle. Designed specifically to provide a premium, tested, reliable, heavy duty repair kit for safety and peace of mind whilst working, travelling or touring world-wide, at an affordable price. Genuine, premium Safety Seal components.

T.U.V  tested in Germany to ECE R 30 Standards (300kph / 186mph)

Repair Shear strength up to 160 kgs.


No glues.

8 -10 years’ plug shelf life.

Flexes with the tyre.

Can deal with angular/irregular shaped damage.

Quick, safe & easy to use.

All parts can be replenished.


1 Lubricant
1 Knife
1 Needle
1 Probe
x 6 Repair Plugs
Zipped protective EVA case with inner mesh pocket